Character Notes

Rory (Aurora) Conway — age 17, girl, outstanding student, second-string football kicker, secret lover of video games, not too popular among other girls. She likes Maxwell, but he doesn’t know that.

Adell Baldwin — age 17, Rory’s best friend, very popular, IM-obsessed, “like way into” IMing, literature, and Latin.

Stewart Ward — age 17, a girl far more popular with teachers and the principal than with students, especially boys, socially inept, with a weak spot for guys like Tod.

Maxwell Fitzpatrick — age 17, a gifted student with an artistic bent, who doesn’t care much for school, which he feels has little to teach him, and has never had a real girlfriend. He likes Rory, but she doesn’t know that.

Tod Darnell (alias Tod Dellnar) — age 17, student at Wiley Prep when the story begins, a ladies-man wannabe, egotistical, with a domineering mother (Morgan Darnell).

Kyle Thompson — age 17, Maxwell’s closest friend, inattentive in class, popular among guys, likes acting cool, talks like a slightly burnt-out druggie.
Suzy, Stacey, & Sophie (girls) — full of spirit, very perky with a literary bent, envious of Rory.

Stevie, Sammy, & Smitty (guys) — full of attitude, but they go with the flow, friends of Maxwell.
Victor the Voice — age 17, Wi-Hi student, never seen, whose monotone voice makes football game and
school intercom announcements.

Mrs. Morgan Darnell — age 50, land speculator, CEO of Suburban Sprawl, member of the Wileytown School Board, and Tod’s mother. She bosses Lance Langston around, and thinks she controls her son, Tod, whom she has kept out of the public schools.

Mrs. Jenny Fowler — age 50, chair of the Wileytown School Board. She is an obsessive protector of children, especially from the evils of technology. She gets easily manipulated by Darnell.

Miss Calypso Griffith — age 50, janitor at Wiley High, who cleans up after everyone, while carefully observing whatever is going on. Through much of the show, she is part of the stage crew.

Miss Dacey Sutherland — age 60, history teacher, who knows what went on at Wiley High thirty years earlier. She has a southern accent.

Mr. Lance Langston — age 50, CEO of Abacus Pencil Company, always taking cues from Morgan Darnell, with whom he has agreed to be a business partner. A nervous technophobe, he shakes whenever anyone says the word “technology.”

Dr. Arthur (Arty) Bevin — age 50, principal of WiHi. He resents his school’s loser image and harbors hopes that WiHi will join the ranks of the top schools in America. He tries too hard to be the students’ buddy, with very little success.

Jonah the Referee — age 49, a man of accomplishment, confidence, and authority.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Jones (parents) — Age 50ish P.T.A. members, parents of Wiley students, clueless about technology.

Janitors — Age 50ish janitors, mostly women. They clean up after everybody, run the games in Act Two, and serve as the stage crew.

Sherry Shannon — age 30, ambitious TV newscaster.

Rory’s Mother — age 50, parent, never seen, ambitious for Rory, and protective of her.
Coach – age 50, never seen.

Cameraman – age 30, all business.

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