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The Cappies International Theater, now in its fifth year, gathers Cappie honorees from across the USA to workshop shows at the Kennedy Center and other theaters in the National Capital Area. Every year, the all-student company has been of exceptional quality and has presented outstanding performances.

In the 2006 C.I.T., the cast will include Cappie winners from California, Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Ottawa, Canada.

The C.I.T. began in 2002, when 10 high school students representing four Cappies programs assembled to prepare and present three shows in three weeks at a small theater in Hollywood, California, under the name Cappies Hollywood Theater.

In 2003, the program moved to the National Capital Area, began its partnership with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and was renamed Cappies National Theater. In that year, and each of the next two, approximately 35 to 40 students from Cappies programs across the U.S. came together to perform three shows in the Kennedy Center’s Theater Lab and McLean’s Alden Theater.

The CIT is produced and managed by the national Cappies organization, assisted by teachers and parent volunteers from the National Capital Area Cappies. Daily work is done at a high school (in 2006, at WT Woodson High School in Fairfax, VA). The directors are teachers at schools in the Washington, D.C./ Maryland metropolitan area. Housing for out-of-town CIT participants is provided by the families of participants from the National Capital Area Cappies. The program is financed by participant fees, which are quite modest for a program of this scope.

In the shows it selects, as in the young cast it invites, the Cappies International Theater and its predecessors have given focus to the fresh and new on stage. In selecting shows, CIT has always tried to present new or developmental shows, including:

  • MaKiddo


  • Go-Go Beach

  • Joe!

  • The Yellow Wood

In 2006, the shows will be student written.

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